CopyLess Expands Your Mac’s Clipboard by 100

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Overcoming the Mac's single clipboard limitation isn't something new so we're always on the hunt for new approaches to making Copy-and-Paste more useful. CopyLess from Maxbor ramps up the multi-clipboard concept to 100 by letting you store up to, well, 100 different items for pasting instead of limiting you to just a single item. It can hold text, images, documents, and application specific data, plus you can access the CopyLess clipboard with a keyboard shortcut and save up to ten items as favorites. You can also see previews of clipboard contents thanks to its QuickLook support, and search for items in your clipboard library. CopyLess is priced at US$6.99 and is available for download at Apple's Mac App Store.


Check It Out: CopyLess Expands Your Mac’s Clipboard by 100

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