DeskConnect: Dead Simple Mac to iPhone File Sharing

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Have a Mac and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and want to easily share files between all of your devices? DeskConnect from Ari Weinstein and Ben Feldman has you covered. Think iOS 7's AirDrop sharing feature, but right now and without the requirement for the still unreleased iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. You can choose which iOS devices you want to send files to through a drop down menu on your Mac, and you can send webpage links, travel directions, and more. iOS devices can send all kinds of content back, too, such as clipboard contents, photos, and files. Both are free, and available through Apple's App Store and Mac App Store.


Check It Out: DeskConnect: Dead Simple Mac to iPhone File Sharing

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Thanks for the tip, Jeff. I just d/l’d and loaded my iPad and iPhone. Should be easier than using Dropbox, etc.  I look forward to seeing how easy it is to maintain items across my devices.


I was able to send a picture to iMac from iPad, but when I tried several times to send a link (this page) from my Mac’s clipboard, it was sent but there was nogo on pasting it into my iPad’s browser.

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