Download U2’s Invisible for Free, Money goes to (RED)

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U2 and Bank of America have teamed up to donate up to US$8 million to (RED) global fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosos and Malaria, and all you need to do is download a free song to make it happen. Just pay a visit to Apple's iTunes Store and download U2's Invisible single. Bank of America will donate $1 to (RED) for every download, but there is a catch if you're a procrastinator: the promotion is good only through 11:59PM eastern time on Monday, February 3. Even if you aren't a U2 fan, the download helps raise money for a good cause.


Check It Out: Download U2’s Invisible for Free, Money goes to (RED)

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Frank V

Also in the Dutch Applestore. Thanks Jeff (and Bank of America).


Thanks for the heads up and maybe it was 11:59am Pacific Time because I downloaded it for free well after 11:59am Eastern.

Frank V

Sorry, I mean the iTunes Store.

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