Draw Your Own iOS Game Levels with Pixel Press on Kickstarter

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Pixel Press, an innovative iPhone app that, "lets you draw your own video game (no code required!) and share it with others" has launched on Kickstarter. The app starts with you drawing on a special graph paper you can print out yourself (no purchase necessary). You then photograph your drawing and the app turns it into a level! That's pretty darned cool. There are videos galore showing you how it works. The company is trying to raise $100,000, and it crossed the $16,000 mark on this, the first day.


Check It Out: Draw Your Own iOS Game Levels with Pixel Press on Kickstarter

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That looks pretty cool!

I wonder if they could create stickers for the younger kids, to help them make the levels. Could be a separate purchase from their website.


Even decades into CG the worlds best designers are still using paper to hash out concepts. Yes there are several WYSIWYG game editors now. I’ve tried the likes of GameSalad and Construct2 and their great but can still go simpler so kids to use of just a simple afternoons fun! I’ve backed the idea and really hope Robin reaches the funding goal!  http://wp.me/p36QpK-wa

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