Elgato Announces External SSD Thunderbolt Drive+

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Elgato announced a pure-storage product on Thursday called Thunderbolt Drive+. It's an external drive using a "server-grade Plextor Solid State Drive" that supports Apple's and Intel's Thunderbolt, as well as USB 3.0. It comes in either 256GB or 512GB configurations, and includes a Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cable. It's bus-powered, and Elgato says it offers transfer speeds of up to 420 MB/s—that's on the Thunderbolt side—making it fast enough for just about anything. Using Plextor's controller chips and a high-end SSD means these babies aren't cheap, however; the 256GB unit is $499.95, while the 512GB model is $899.95.


Check It Out: Elgato Announces External SSD Thunderbolt Drive+

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This stuff better start coming down; WAY down, or it’s going to fail. The technology is not going to spread with things like a 500 GB hard five that costs the same as an entire computer.


I think what you’re saying bbbo is that you’re not in the demo. Don’t be sad, me neither.

But hey, now the spy can legitimately download the all the plans to the super secret weapon. He (or she) will finally have a device that is small enough to sneak into the heavily guarded room deep in the bowels of the Agency. The device will certainly be compatible with the only computer that contains the plans and it will have enough storage for all of the drawings. Also, it will be fast enough that the plans can be downloaded in the time it takes the guard outside to scrape the chewing gum off his Bruno Maglis.

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