Falling in Love With Your Operating System: Her

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The trailer for the movie "Her" is out. The movie tells the story of a lonely writer (Joaquin Phoenix) who "develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased, (artificially intelligent) operating system (Scarlett Johansson) that's designed to meet his every need."  Along the way, the developing relationship with the computer appears to open the door to real relationships. The movie has it all:  computers, sexy smartphones (literally) a lonely writer and glamorous female leads, including Amy Adams. What's not to like? Due for release in November.


Check It Out: Falling in Love With Your Operating System: Her

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I think I’d kill, actually kill for the Scarlett Johansson OS, even i it was only a ßeta version.



Being a true geek, I’d hold out for the Summer Glau OS. OOOh, she could terminate me any day….

Lee Dronick

Sounds like the old movie Cherry 2000

A guy’s “android” wife shorts out so he removes the RAM and heads out to find a same model replacement. Now this movie is bad, even by SyFy Channel standards, but if you enjoy cheesy movies then this is a good one. See the trailer.


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