Finally! MacPaint Has Been Recreated For Your Browser

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At long last, someone has filled a gaping hole in our lives: MacPaint in a browser. OK, I said, "finally," but it was actually posted on Tumblr back in October, but it's still totally cool. Called, fittingly enough, CloudPaint, this is a pixel-for-pixel recreation of MacPaint, a piece of software that symbolized why the Mac was so much different from other computers in 1984. If you're up for some Mac nostalgia, or if you just want to get a taste of what it was like to create art on a computer at the beginning of it all, CloudPaint is a great walk down memory lane.


Check It Out: Finally! MacPaint Has Been Recreated For Your Browser

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Digital artists like me will be interested in a wonderful Mac and iPad drawing app named MyBrushes which is alternate to old MacPaint. The whole drawing process could be saved as drawing video and playback anytime.

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