Find Your Lost Keys with the Hone Key Fob & iPhone App

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ZOMG, but this is something I need: announced Hone on Tuesday, a key fob that you can activate from an iPhone app. Stick it on your keyring and when you lose your keys, the iPhone app will make it flash and beep, perfect for people (like me) who misplace our keys. All the time. It's $59.99, and was originally funded via KickStarter. A single CR2032 watch battery lasts 6 months, and as you can see in the image, it's roughly the same size as auto key fobs. The app works up to 150 feet away. Hone is built in the U.S. Now, if they could make one I could dangle from my glasses, I'd be in business...


Check It Out: Find Your Lost Keys with the Hone Key Fob & iPhone App

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Button Trackr is even better. Really. Check it.


That’s totally daft. If it is more than ten meters away, how am I going to see it flashing or hear it beeping? And people who tend to lose their keys are also people who tend to forget changing batteries every six months.

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