Flex: Fitbit’s New Wristband Health Tracker

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Fitbit's new Flex health tracker wristband is out, and it offers several of the features found in the Fitbit One, including Bluetooth iPhone and computer sync support. The wristband sensor tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns, includes a silent alarm, plus it's water resistant so you can wear it in the shower or rain. It's available in several colors and you can swap out the band for the color that best fits your mood. It's priced at US$99.95 and should be hitting store shelves now.


Check It Out: Flex: Fitbit’s New Wristband Health Tracker

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I made the mistake of pre-ordering.  Jeez’... once your Visa # is there, there is no release.  I should have known better to deal with a company that does not take phone calls.  They have a crafty support system that simply does not allow you to review/cancel an order. 

“At your risk!”

I will have Chase deal with it.  ..and Yes, it seemed like a good idea at the announcement.


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