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There was a time when the Flying Toasters screen saver from After Dark was a stunning thing to see on your trusty old Mac Quadra. Or Centris. Or Performa. At the time, that took native apps and some serious processing power to render those screen savers and save our CRT displays from image burn-in. Bryan Braun has brought Flying Toasters, along with other After Dark screen savers, back to life, and he did it all with CSS. That means you can relive Fish, Spotlight, Rainstorm, Warp, and more right in your browser -- and you can do it on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. No kidding.


Check It Out: Flying Toasters Screen Saver Recreated in CSS

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My favorite was Fish (also on the site). With early versions if you set it to fastest and had only one jellyfish, it would appear and flit around the screen like it was having some sort of a fit. Back then it was hysterical.

Lee Dronick

Oh wow! Does that bring back memories!


AD ran on PPC OS 9 Macs too !!  One my favorites was the precocious Dog (almost a DogCow) that dug up the desktop.  Ahhh memories, back when we fought the good fight.


This is awesome, but it needs two things:

Ability to actually run as a screen saver (obvious, I know). Probably not too hard to do for someone who knows how to glue screensavers and CSS together.

The sounds. The sound of those toasters’ beating wings was awesome. I’d love to hear it again.


@mlvezie we’ve created a solution for this - our team has built a product called Screensaver Ninja.

It transforms your screensaver into a rotation of live websites with additional customisation available. Most of our clients use it to display company data such as analytics, dashboards, stats and more, but you can also use it to display the toaster (we do)!

Check it out here if you like:

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