For the Apple II Nerd: Program in BASIC on Your iPad

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Have you ever had the unquenchable urge to return to the days of olde? To program in the BASIC language, the language of the Apple II, on your iOS device? We just discovered BASIC! for iOS from MiSoft, and now it's up to version 3.5.1. We hadn't seen this app before, and it's a nice find. There's even a BASIC support forum where you can download code and explore Mandelbrot sets, games, mortgage calculators and more. It's also been featured as an Apple staff favorite.


Check It Out: For the Apple II Nerd: Program in BASIC on Your iPad

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Now pop over to to get some code to input.


Do we really want to date ourselves? Yes. I did some basic programming on a IIc; which was the first real computer I bought. Don’t think I will go back there. smile


I picked up a IIc a couple months ago, and went through the LOGO programming tutorial that came with it. smile


I don’t really care for the use of the pejorative “Nerd.”

Ken Gagne

It’s not Apple II BASIC programming if it doesn’t have line numbers!  Also check out techBASIC, from one of the foremost developers of Apple II development tools:

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