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iOS 7 does a pretty good job taking just about any image you have and making it work with the new parallax background effect, moving your image behind your icons. But there are tricks to making it work well, and there are also some fantastic photographs out there on the internet. Combine it all together and you get's collection of parallax wallpapers. They've sized them for both the iPhone and iPad, so head on over and check 'em out. Easiest is to do it from your iOS 7-based device, then save your favorite image(s) to your camera roll and... off you go!


Check It Out: Free iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers for Download

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I hate this new “feature.” AFAICT, the only trick here is they oversize the photo, and then move it based on the angle you turn your iDevice. I have my own pictures that I would like to use, but now they are zoomed in way too far. I wish I could turn it off.


I imagine Apple might eventually add an option to create a static still wallpaper.

I would love it if Apple released a kit or whatever users could have (or create) dynamic wallpapers. It would be a little complicated, but I imagine you could create a series of transparent images and set the depth of each image. This could lead to some incredible wallpaper scenes.


Just found this. You can remove the parallax feature to your wallpaper.

From maclife….

Tip #10
Settings> General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

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