Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs Parody Now Online

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The satire of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, "iSteve," from Funny Or Die is online and ready for viewing - assuming you don't mind sitting in front of your computer for 79 minutes. No, this isn't the Ashton Kutcher biopic that's been delayed. This movie stars Justin Long and Jorge Garcia, and is clearly a parody of Mr. Jobs's life. The few minutes we watched were pretty good and we're looking forward to blocking out some time to watch the rest. The downside is that you have to watch the movie at the Funny Or Die website; no download option is available, so be sure you have your comfy chair in front of your computer.


Check It Out: Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs Parody Now Online

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Or better yet, don’t waste your time with this insult.


If you point Miro at the Funny Or Die website, you can download the video…..
And then watch it at your leisure…


Alot of it was silly but there were some good laughs in it.  The one that tickled me was Justin Long as Steve Jobs berating an actor playing Justin Long the actor, in an Apple commercial.

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