Get Reminders for TV Shows (You’ll Otherwise Forget)

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I found out about this over the weekend, and I thought it was super cool. I'll introduce it you the same way I heard about it: have you ever seen a trailer for a TV show you wanted to watch, but then forgot? NextGuide is a free service that lets you set up a playlist for shows and receive automatic reminders for when new episodes air on live TV or are added to Amazon, Hulu Plus, iTunes, or Netflix. I'll see adverts for new shows that look interesting all the time but forget to check when they're released or even what network they're on. NextGuide makes that a non-issue. The service covers movies, too. NextGuide is available as an iPad app now and an iPhone app is in the works. You can also access it through a browser on just about every device.


Check It Out: Get Reminders for TV Shows (You’ll Otherwise Forget)

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