Giant Apple Gear Museum in Canada for Sale

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The Show Me Apple Museum in Alberta, Canada has an extensive collection of vintage Apple products, and now it can be yours because the museum is up for sale. Founder Todd Boschee says it's one of the largest personal Apple-related museums in Canada with computers, rare Apple products, signed documents, and more. On the rare side, the collection includes items such as the QuickTake 100 camera, GeoPort, Apple Thermal Transfer printer, Newton MessagePad 100 with original packaging, and Steve Jobs action figures. You can check out the complete collection, and make an offer, at the Show Me Apple Museum website.


Check It Out: Giant Apple Gear Museum in Canada for Sale

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Giant Apple Gear _museum_?
So when Samsung created the Samsung Gear, that wasn’t innovation at all?

John Dingler, artist

In a related article, Samsung wanted to find a Samsung museum owned by a private person but could not find any. Panicked at this lack of innovation, and wanting to prove to the world that it could innovate in the technology museum field, it subsidized a museum director to develop a Samsung museum so that it could tell the director to sell it off.




If the buyer wants to add a Color OneScanner to the museum I’ve got one.

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