Google Camera Saves The World…From Vertical Video

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Google has released Google Camera, a new app from Google for Android devices running 4.4 or higher was released with The New Killer Camera Feature™: When you switch to video mode, you get a little indicator smack dab in the middle of the screen to remind you to rotate your device and shoot that video horizontally, as God intended it. There are some other nice features of the app, such as a “Photo Sphere” feature (builds a 360 degree panorama) and Lens Blur, but really the great thing here is the Flip Your Frakking Phone For Video™ thing. This is one of the few cases where something on Android is clearly needed on iOS, and I can’t wait till we see a version of it in an iPhone camera app. In case you’re wondering what makes this a bad idea, check out the Vertical Video Syndrome, or VVS PSA from Glove and Boots, below: 


Check It Out: Google Camera Saves The World…From Vertical Video

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Lee Dronick

The reason people shoot video in portrait mode is that way you can more easily hold the phone in one hand.

Why can’t the cameras be designed to shoot video in either portrait or landscape mode? Make it user selectable.


Sometimes I shoot horizontal, sometimes vertical. It depends on the situation, on the scene, on what I want to do with the video. I bloody well don’t want my camera/phone telling me how I can and can’t shoot a scene.

Shawn King

Always great when others “who know better” try and dictate how their lessers should do things like take pictures. How wonderfully patriarchal of you.

John Dingler, artist

Oh, lecturing sotfware.

John Francini

To allow shooting a horizontal video with a vertically-held camera would require that there be some way to physically rotate the image sensor—which is rectangular in shape. Alternatively, the image sensor would have to be made in the shape of a thick, squared-off cross—like a plus sign—with the horizontal pixels used when you hold the phone horizontally, and the vertical pixels used when shooting vertically.

Which of course means that some people would want to hack their phones so they can shoot ‘wicked cool’ plus-shaped videos so they can ‘use all the pixels they paid for’...

Lee Dronick

Thanks for the info Francini.

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