Google Maps 2.0 Released for iPhone & iPad (Direct Link)

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Google released Google Maps 2.0 for iPhone and iPad late on Tuesday. Like the new desktop browser-based Google Maps beta, version 2.0 of Google Maps for iOS includes a barrage of new features, including a new interface, "enhanced navigation" that include live traffic updates and incident reports, new ways to find local restaurants and shopping, a Google+-based rating sharing system, Google Offers (the company's Groupon competitor), and indoor maps for places like malls, airports, and transit stations. It's free and it's available now. Searches for Google Maps are pretty hit or miss right now, but this direct link works.


Check It Out: Google Maps 2.0 Released for iPhone & iPad (Direct Link)

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What, no comments about how Apple has the resources to turn Apple Maps into a world class app Bryan?? 

Why no news about the 5S possibly being delayed for a larger screen?  Would that contradict all of the vitriol against Samsung and larger screen Androids that you and your readers have spewed oh so smugly??

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