Google Maps Beta Opened to Everyone (No Invite Needed)

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Google has opened up the beta for the new Google Maps service to everyone. The company announced the new version of its Maps service at Google I/O but limited access to it on an invitation-only basis—now anyone can check it out. The new Google Maps is currently limited to browsers, with some features being open to Chrome only. It includes a 3D view, a new interface, the ability to zoom out to space (you know, because you need that), photo tours of famous locations, and other features, some of which were found in Google Earth. The beta service is being hosted at, and it's open now.


Check It Out: Google Maps Beta Opened to Everyone (No Invite Needed)

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The ‘NEW’ Googlie maps DOES NT WORK ON MY IPAD… IN FACT, the message from Googlie’s web site says ‘Sorry, the new Google Maps is not yet supported on mobile or tablet devices.’

Ugly since this is the alledged platform that 3.0 is aimed towards…


Damn, this is fast! I mean really fast.

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