Gravitational Waves Detected For the First Time

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From the press release: "For the first time, scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves, arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe. This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and opens an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos. Gravitational waves carry information about their dramatic origins and about the nature of gravity that cannot otherwise be obtained. Physicists have concluded that the detected gravitational waves were produced during the final fraction of a second of the merger of two black holes to produce a single, more massive spinning black hole. This collision of two black holes had been predicted but never observed. The gravitational waves were detected on September 14, 2015 ... by both of the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors, located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, USA."


Check It Out: Gravitational Waves Detected For the First Time

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Nothing to do with Apple but still unbelievably cool.

John Martellaro

The nice thing about our “Cool Stuff Found” category is that the author gets to post *anything* perceived as cool.


This is exceptionally cool, and validates not only Einstein’s theory of general relativity, but more than one Star Trek episode.

Nobel prizes in physics to be sure.

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