HandBrakeBatch Easily Converts Multiple Videos On Your Mac

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You like using Handbrake but loathe the UI when you have a folder of videos to convert? Now you're in luck. HandBrakeBatch, built to use Handbrake in the background and do exactly that, has been around since June of 2011 (near as we can tell), but was most recently updated just this past February (of 2013, that is), and worked very well in our tests. It requires that you have Handbrake installed, and will use any presets you have in Handbrake, including those you've custom-defined. Next time you need to batch convert a folder full of movies (and they don't really all need to be in the same folder, either), fire up HandBrakeBatch and let it get to work.


Check It Out: HandBrakeBatch Easily Converts Multiple Videos On Your Mac

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Interesting and handy. However, the latest update has a muck up, for me, anyways. I used to be able to put two parts together using QTPlayer 7 and get a .mov and then use HandBrake to get an .m4v. Now either the addition doesn’t show up or comes with a black screen with sound. That never happened before.

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