Help Fund an ARC Plasma Speaker Through Kickstarter

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Today I bring you the opportunity to participate in a little science by helping to fund development of an ARC Plasma Speaker. Why would you do this? Not because it's the best sounding speaker on the planet, no. It's far from that, but  with an ARC Plasma Speaker you can make sound through a arc of plasma running at 30,000 volts. Come on, right? Who doesn't want to do that? Watch the video if you aren't familiar with the concept. The company—ExcelPhysics—was originally trying to raise US$10,000, but they've blown by that goal and have raised more than $41,000 with 18 days to go. Funding options that get you a kit to build your own ARC Plasma Speaker start at $99. For $199, they'll ship it to you fully assembled. Either way, it's nerdvanna!


Check It Out: Help Fund an ARC Plasma Speaker Through Kickstarter

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