I/O Denim Jeans Solve the iPhone ‘Pocket Problem’

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It's crazy. The watch pocket in a pair of jeans is an anachronism dating back to 1902 when it first appeared. Although, famously, Steve Jobs did once pull an iPod nano out of the watch pocket of his jeans. (Here's the YouTube video where he does that at about 1m56s.)

Anyway, nothing much has changed with jeans in over a hundred years. And because many guys prefer to carry their smartphone in a jeans pocket, getting that smartphone out, quickly and easily, when needed can be a problem. I/O Denim, a Kickstarter project, has the solution, Their new jeans, 100 percent cotton from North Carolina, premium denim (hence the price), feature a special pocket on the left-hand side, in between the knee and the hip along the seam. The pocket is big enough to handle any of the iPhones with a slim case and also most Android devices. For now, men's cut only and limited sizes.

Problem solved. Very cool indeed.


Check It Out: I/O Denim Jeans Solve the iPhone ‘Pocket Problem’

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Lee Dronick

The new jeans sold by Costco have a larger watch pocket that can easily fit an iPhone. I have a pair and while the pocket makes it easier to withdraw an iPhone than when in the deep pocket, it isn’t as easy than from the I/O jeans. Usually when wearing jeans I carry my iPhone in a belt mounted pouch.


No good for me. I want the pocket on the right side so I don’t have to pass the phone from one hand to the other.  Good concept, I just wouldn’t get it with the pocket on the left.

For jeans, I can use carpenter jeans which have the right sized pocket on the right. I also use cargo pants.  For slightly nicer pants I have one pair with a small right side pocket that I manually enlarged. I’m definitely an amateur at sewing but it’s functional and from the outside it looks no worse.

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