Iconic - a Coffee Table Book of (Almost) All the Apple Products

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Jonathan Zufi of ShrineOfApple.com has published a coffee table book called Iconic that has photographs of and information about almost all of the amazing (and a few less-than-amazing) products that Apple has made since its founding in 1976. Desktop computers, portable computers, peripherals, iOS devices, prototypes, and even lots of photographs of Apple's famous packaging. Mr. Zufi said he thought it would be great to see Apple's past products photographed with the same attention and look of today's Apple's products, and this 326-page coffee table book is the result. It's super cool, and it's priced at $75. There's an awesome "Deluxe" edition with a hard plastic case that looks like it could be an Apple ][ peripheral.  The video below explains what it's all about.


Check It Out: Iconic - a Coffee Table Book of (Almost) All the Apple Products

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John Martellaro

Wow.  A nifty Christmas present.  I need this book!

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