iDevices Announces iGRILlmini, a Smaller Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

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iDevices announced on Monday iGRILLmini, a smaller Bluetooth meat thermometer that includes Bluetooth Smart technology for "highly efficient food monitoring," a proximity sensor for low energy consumption, and 150 hours of battery life. Like the original iGrill, iGRILLmini can measure and monitor your meats and relay that information to an app on your iPhone or iPad (an Android app will be released in 2014). The mini is much smaller than the original—roughly a quarter of the size, and that makes it easier to handle. It has an onboard temperature LED indicator, proximity wake-up, and a magnetic mount for your grill or oven. It's priced at US$39.99, and it's available for pre-order now. It will ship in time for the holidays.


Check It Out: iDevices Announces iGRILlmini, a Smaller Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

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Nice product, but it is not shipping friendly.  Obviously meant only for y’all down south.

Shipping to Canada quoted at almost twice the price of the unit.

Not going to sell many up here.  Too bad.

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