If You Could See Your MacBook’s Electromagnetic Fields

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Luke Sturgeon explains how, in his Experimental Imaging workshop at CIID, he and collaborators set out to make the invisible visible. In this video we see a photographic rendition of the electromagnetic fields surrounding a MacBook. As Mr. Sturgeon explains, "No retouching or digital manipulation was allowed and every image you see must be captured directly." The shimmering, colorful glow of these EM fields coming from the MacBook reminds one of the Earth's Aurora. They're mesmerizing. And very cool.


Check It Out: If You Could See Your MacBook’s Electromagnetic Fields

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A free Android EMF Sensor app was used to measure the MacBook’s magnetic fields, using the Android Nexus 4’s built in sensors.

Is an Android smartphone an intrinsically better experimental platform for programing such applications on, than an iPhone (jailbroken or otherwise)?


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