iOS 7 beta 3 Installation Animation [VIDEO]

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On Monday, we noted that Apple added a new installation animation for apps in iOS 7 Seed 3, the third beta release for developers. We had a screenshot showing the animation at work, but YouTube member Patrick Kelleher has posted a video that offers a far better look at the effect. Apple could, of course, change it before iOS 7 is officially released, but we think it's a solid beginning that tells a better story (i.e. makes it more clear precisely what is happening). We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Check It Out: iOS 7 beta 3 Installation Animation [VIDEO]

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Scott B in DC

One thing that I keep seeing on all of these betas is the dot display on folders. I wish instead of trying to show us the contents of the folders that we could pick an icon or just have a folder icon. But that’s just a little nit… for now! grin

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