‘iPhone 5C Prototype’ Back Hits $13,600 on Ebay

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You know you're close to an Apple product launch when prototype parts for an expected product hit five digits on Ebay. Such is the case with a "REAL PROTOTYPE Apple iPhone 5C!" listed on Ebay [via AppleInsider] that is sitting at US$13,600 with 70 bids from roughly 15 differeny bidders. The seller claims that it's a legit prototype back, and as the bidding climbed, stressed through updates that it's the back only—no front plate, no electronics, no display, no innards. The photographs of the product (shown in our composite image) are very similar to the tons of leaked images that have appeared for the iPhone 5C, but it's impossible to know whether they're production parts or prototype parts.


Check It Out: ‘iPhone 5C Prototype’ Back Hits $13,600 on Ebay

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The listing now reads:

“This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.”

Did Apple send in the “Heavy Mob” ?

Lee Dronick

It was probably pulled becauae it was in effect stolen property.


Not necessarily stolen. Could have been the back of a Galaxy phone with a bit of gold spray paint applied.

Anyway, instead of sending in the “Heavy Mob” as someone suggested, Apple could have let that auction run its course, and after the new phone is released they could offer “iPhone prototype backs” for $10 each.

Lee Dronick

You may be correct Gnasher. Either way it probably violated the terms of service.

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