Is This How Jonathan Ive Was Inspired to Create the iOS 7 Color Scheme?

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We love the Internet. Most days, at least, and this is one of those days. Max Wohlleber posted a video to Vimeo with the caption, "How Jonathan Ive got inspired to create the iOS 7 color sheme [sic]" (as spotted on reddit), and we think it's both funny and insightful.  We won't spoil it, however, so just watch the video and tell us what you think.

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Check It Out: Is This How Jonathan Ive Was Inspired to Create the iOS 7 Color Scheme?

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Lee Dronick

Well it was cute, but…


Well, slightly less content heavy than gizmodo, but amusing at least smile


LOL Well what ever works for Sir Ive.

Next I imagine there’ll be a patent application for Inspired by TSBBOD ?


“LOL Well what ever works for Sir Ive.”

Oh dear, no! Sir Jonathan is the correct form of address for a mere Knight.

The only time a surname would be proper is if the person was a Lord or Lady, and only then if his/her surname coincided with the place name he/she was Lord or Lady of.

Example: Margaret Thatcher was The Baroness Thatcher, aka, Lady Thatcher. On the other (and more common) hand, the guy in ‘Downton Abbey’ is Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham. His family name is Crawley, but he is the Lord of a place, so would be called Lord Grantham, and never Crawley.



Apologies to Sir Jonathan Of Ive……..  wink



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