iSchmutz Keeps the Dirt Out of Your Mac Pro

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Trans International announced Tuesday iSchmutz, a filter for the front of your Mac Pro that keeps the dirt, dust, and schmutz (if you will) out. Apple designed the Mac Pro to suck in air through the front, flow through your tower and out the back to cool the internal components. A lot of dust get caught on the front of your Mac Pro, but even more gets through to the inside where it stays. iSchmutz stops that from happening. iSchmutz is priced at US$24.99. TMO will also test it.


Check It Out: iSchmutz Keeps the Dirt Out of Your Mac Pro

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I was very excited to try this product. Ordered it, never received shipping details and suddenly there it was laying in my mailbox. Opened the tube and found the filter rolled up inside. Straightening it out or rolling it up in the opposite way is not possible as the adhesive strip covers will come off. Alright, once it’s attached to the mac it should straighten itself out, i thought. Installation is straight forward. Clean your mac and install the filter. For those who need it the installation instructions are included. Great! All done! No more worrying about dust in my mac pro. Glancing at the filter once in a while shortly after i notice some parts of it came loose. I figured i probably did not apply enough pressure so i worked all areas of the adhesive strip, pressing it firmly onto the mac. It kept happening. Next morning i come into my office and find the top and bottom of the filter (where the casing curves, by the hinges) had completely separated from the adhesive. The adhesive strips themselves firmly attached to the mac but the filter no longer attached to the strips! This happens more and more now to the point where pressing it in place lasts only 20 minutes until it lets go again and has started happening by the top edge of the top optical drive slot too.

I could have built this fiter myself for roughly 5 bucks with home depot materials. The price i paid for this (not to mention the shipping, which should be free). I guess the way this product was packaged is possibly what is causing this, maybe if it was rolled up the other way (so it follows the curve of the mac on top and bottom) this would not have happened. Unfortunately it did so i’ll be getting a refund and will put my self-made filter back in place until i find something that looks better and functions better.

Price is high considering its a piece of shipping-box liner with a cheap adhesive strip on it, the shipping should be free since the profits are already being made on the product price itself and the packaging should definitely be reconsidered.

PS. i posted this same review on the TransIntl website (twice) and it conveniently “held for moderation” and never makes it to the review section. Guess that’s one way to make a product look good.

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