iTrack Dock for iPad - a Hardware Dock, Control Surface, Audio Interface

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The folks at Focusrite have released another cool recording product for iOS device owners, the iTrack Dock. This is a docking station for your Lightning-connector iPads (4th gen iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display) that has built-in audio inputs for recording multiple sources at once. It includes dual Focusrite microphone preamps plus two line inputs and an instrument DI, independent stereo monitor and headphone outputs, and a USB port for class-compliant MIDI instruments and controllers. It then works with any Core Audio-enabled digital audio workstation app, where you can use the iPad itself as a control surface coupled with the hardware controllers on the iTrack Dock. Come on, that's way cool! it's priced at US$199 at dealers, and will ship after the NAMM show later this month. The video below shows the device in use by Gavin Smith.


Check It Out: iTrack Dock for iPad - a Hardware Dock, Control Surface, Audio Interface

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Hokey Smokes!  What an incredibly cool machine - I swear, I will probably get one if only because they deserve for everyone who can play any instrument to buy a unit in honor of the fantastic job they have done in creating something so beautiful and capable.  I’ve been a home-recordist since the mid 80’s - this is the essence of what you need to be able to do really great work - and it’s such a tidy little package - I am genuinely impressed. 


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