Juiceboxx on Kickstarter Keeps MacBook Chargers from Fraying

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I love clever ideas, and the folks at Juiceboxx, Inc. have a dandy one in their self-titled product, Juiceboxx on Kickstarter. This is a plastic enclosure for your MacBook Pro or Air charger that gives it more structure for the thin cable that connects to your laptop. As shown in the image and the video, Juiceboxx forms a tunnel that supports the cable and keeps it from fraying. If you've ever had to replace a charger because it frayed or broke, you'll probably appreciate this idea as much as me. The founders of the company entered and won the Ohio State Business Builders Club with this idea, and they used the prize money to develop the prototypes shown. They'll use Kickstarter funding to put it into production. They're half way to their goal of $25,000, and funding options that get you a Juiceboxx start at $20.


Check It Out: Juiceboxx on Kickstarter Keeps MacBook Chargers from Fraying

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Fine idea.  Except I have been winding my power cord in exactly the same way by hand for 10 years.  I stick my little finger in the cord loop coming out of the charger to guarantee a long radius, and just wrap the cord around the body.  Makes everything shorter than wrapping around the built-in fingers, or the Juiceboxx extension.

Don’t have a fraying problem with this method.


I’m with BenG on this.

Still got the power supply that came with my iBook G3/266.
While a little grotty perhaps, it’s still in good nick.

Seriously ? How hard is it to look after a power supply ?


Its not hard, but there are numerous folk out there who don’t understand the engineering mechanics of stressing cables and remove 30 pin plugs from their iPhone/iPad/iPod by pulling the cable, the new skinny plug designs have practically no strain relief so they break all too easily.  The older ones were much better - the design of this little attachment is much more compact than I imagined from the description - simple and elegant,  all I need is a MBP to go with it wink.


How many Kickstarter-type projects are there for fraying power cords? This is really an award winning business?

Just read the Apple Knowledge Base article and practice safe cording smile


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