Kevin Spacey Reminds Us (and Apple) That TV Execs Are Doofuses

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One of the mantras of the rumored Apple TV project is that Apple will somehow, through its vision, talent, customer focus and technical expertise give TV viewing customers what they want. Freedom, control and great stories.

Recently Kevin Spacey, currently famous for being a co-producer and having a starring role in Netflix's House of Cards, severely scolded the Networks for not giving the viewers what they want and for wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on pilots that never make the cut.

Mr. Spacey's speech is crisp, insightful and just plain terrific. And it could very well be a template for what Apple should be all about when it comes to its future with television. Mr. Spacey articulated the core issues brilliantly. The ball's in Apple court.


Check It Out: Kevin Spacey Reminds Us (and Apple) That TV Execs Are Doofuses

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Giving people what they want is how we ended up with “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”.

Let’s not go down that road again. The entire nation dropped IQ points with that show.


Damn good speech.


No, Honey Boo Boo is what the networks _think_ we want.  They cancel shows like Firefly and turn down House of Cards so they have open space for trashy reality show that offend people with brains so they find something else to do which makes the remaining demographic the type who like that crap.  If you look at the numbers you’ll see that overall viewership has been dropping for years, the networks are offering up lowest common denominator crap because that’s the only people left watching.




Wow. Spacey is a lot better speaker than most actors. I’m glad he’s in a position in his career to bang the media moguls.



Brilliant speech. I quit watching broadcast TV years ago, but have almost a terabyte of iTunes television programs and movies that I watch when I want to watch. @pelenoue, don’t even get me started on Firefly. Its cancellation was the greatest creative sin to ever hit the airwaves.

“Also…I can kill you with my brain….”

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