Kickstarter a Carbon Fiber Case for Your MacBook Air or Pro

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There's something your MacBook Air or Pro probably doesn't have, and that's a carbon fiber case. That's because I haven't seen one on the market, but an enterprising young man from Dallas named Chetan Raj wants to change that. He's launched a Kickstarter project for carbon fiber cases that are custom made for Apple's full range of laptops. On the outside the case is shiny, reflective carbon fiber, and on the inside it will be held snugly in place by a foam lining that also serves to distribute the force of any impact evenly across your laptop. Mr. Raj needs funding to make it happen, however, so check out the video below and consider backing the project! There's also a ton of information on the project's Kickstarter page.

Check It Out: Kickstarter a Carbon Fiber Case for Your MacBook Air or Pro

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If you are looking for a zippered carbon fiber case for your MacBook Pro or Air Mach 3 Composites has been doing this for quite a while. We do custom black alcantara interiors that are hand stitched. Ultra shock absorbing design and a waterproof zipper. 100% real carbon fiber, custom embroidery options available for interior, completely hand made in the USA. Mach 3 Composites TAC-1 carbon fiber MacBook case.

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