Kids Reacting to a Rotary Phone - Hilarious and Fascinating

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Ah, yes, the  rotary phone. Oh, and kids! Put the two together in 2014, and what do you get? Hilarity, that's what, and we're talking about a 70s rotary phone, not one of those units where the mouth piece was at the bottom of the wooden box with the earpiece on a very short wire. In this edition of Kids React, the producers shove a rotary phone in front of a dozen kids and ask them how it works. Careful now, text messaging can be tricky with one of those things, and dialing isn't quite as intuitive as those of us who grew up with the things might imagine. For instance, you have to pick up the handset before you dial! Who knew? The whole thing is both entertaining and very fascinating. [Thanks to Bonnie Burton at CNet for the heads up.]


Check It Out: Kids Reacting to a Rotary Phone - Hilarious and Fascinating

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Great video, thanks for wasting my time! This reminded me of Spark Fun’s Bluetooth Rotary phone and project.

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