KitCam: The All-in-one Camera Kit for your iPhone

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The iPhone's built-in camera app is nice, but it doesn't offer the level of control some mobile photographers want, which is where KitCam comes in. This slick app includes exposure, white balance and focus controls, simulates several camera lenses and film types, includes a burst mode, offers several aspect ratios for your shots, has several built-in filters and frames, and can even shoot images in Raw format. If that's not enough for you, KitCam is half price right now, so you can download it from Apple's App Store for just US$0.99.


Check It Out: KitCam: The All-in-one Camera Kit for your iPhone

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Carlos Cardona

It’s got some great features, but it DOESN’T shoot RAW format, only TIFF and JPG. Thanks for getting my hopes up! :-(

Lee Dronick

I downloaded it and will give it a try as soon as I can.

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