Knock for iPhone: Unlock Your Mac with a Knock

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Passcodes are great for keeping prying eyes out of your Mac, but what if you could make unlocking your computer a stunningly cool experience and more convenient at the same time? You know, like maybe knock on your iPhone as if it were a door. That's exactly what Knock lets you do. Once the app is installed on your iPhone, and the companion app is running on your Mac, you can unlock your computer simply by knocking twice on your iPhone. The app uses Bluetooth LE, so you need an iPhone 4S or newer, and at least a 2011 MacBook Air Mac mini, a 2012 MacBook Pro, or the 2013 Mac Pro. Setup is wonderfully simple, as is knocking on your iPhone to unlock your Mac. The Mac app is a free download at the Knock website, and the iPhone app is a US$3.99 download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.


Check It Out: Knock for iPhone: Unlock Your Mac with a Knock

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$3.99 seems spendy (Which you can read as “I am cheap”) But I did buy and update 1Password so if it’s really useful, I’ll part with the dough (slang for money). But I would say that typing 12 characters for me 10 times a day for 250 days a year is not worth $3.99.

Cool app though ‘bro


After reading the article this has been going through my head:

Knock three times on your iPhone if you want Mac..
Twice on the Zune if the answer is Win…

I am so sorry…


I don’t know… if you couple this with ICMP packets, you’ll have to increase your octane…

Also, it doesn’t seem to wake up your Mac. Your Mac has to already be at the login screen for it to work. That means I can’t knock while I’m approaching my office if my Mac is just showing the screen saver (not even necessarily “asleep”). But I’ll test further.

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