Lamps Made from an iMac G4

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These have been around for a while in one form or another, but a post over at reddit reminded us how cool lamps made from an iMac G4 can be. The image below was posted by BennyP83 after he used the base of an old iMac G4 as a lamp shade. Another one was sold on Etsy in 2010 that also used the iMac G4's insanely cool levitating arm as the neck in the lamp. Earlier this year, another reddit member posted a similar project. Lamps have become the Mac/iMac G3 aquariums of the iMac G4. Our hats go off to the tinkers that have the skills to make cool projects like this.


Check It Out: Lamps Made from an iMac G4

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Lee Dronick

Now that is cool looking!

Paul Goodwin

I still have mine. It was one of my favorite Macs ever. I used it for 8 yrears. I don’t know what to do with it. This is a pretty cool option.

Bryan Chaffin

Please do, Paul, he says wanting to live vicariously. And then send me some photos and information about how you did it so we can post it. smile


The lamp in the illustration looks very good, but none of the lamps shown in the links in the article are the same: the base is different, or the arm is different… From where does the illustrated lamp come?

Paul Goodwin

Bryan. I’m not sure I could do that to that beautiful machine. Although it’s kind of sad just sitting there not being used and stuffed away in a closet on a shelf where nobody can see it.

Paul Goodwin

It’s too bad nobody makes accelerator cards for it like the old days. The only reason I stopped using it was because by 2009-10, web page complexity caused page rendering to be slower than I could put up with. That and the grand kids complained it was too slow to play online games. “Grandpa. You need a new computer” was heard so many times I broke down and got a new iMac in mid 2010. If I hear it again on that one, I’ll tell them to stuff it and bring their own. Haha


I would definitely like to make one. Need to find a friend willing to make me a personal donation.

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