Leap Motion Brings 3D Motion Control to Your Mac

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Controlling your Mac Minority Report-style is closer to reality now that the Leap Motion Controller is shipping. The device lets you use three dimensional gestures to control apps on your Mac or Windows PCs, and now that its Airspace Store is online, you can find nearly 80 apps that support the system all in one place. For those that aren't in the know, the Leap Motion Controller is a USB accessory that lets you use your hands to interact with your computer without touching any physical surfaces, and the company is hoping its tech will show up in other products, too. It's priced at US$79.99, and will be available in Best Buy stores on July 28.


Check It Out: Leap Motion Brings 3D Motion Control to Your Mac

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There’s a good demo video link on this webpage:


Apple obviously invented this.  They will sue.  BTW - the Galaxy S4 already has motion features.

Wow, no mention of renewed patent settlement talks with Samsung or Apple considering larger screens for iPad and iPhone.  I guess both stories go against Bryan Chaffin’s/MacObserver’s reason for existence - hating on Samsung with a unique blend of ignorance, arrogance and xenophobia (and based on last week, your hating on Microsorft as well).  Your website’s silence on these 2 breaking stories is deafening.  Even AppleInsider covered the renewed patent settlement talks.  What WILL you do if Apple settles with Samsung??  Even Cooke and the Woz don’t support the patent litigation.


So, is anyone combining Leap Motion and Oculus Rift? Or Google Glass? There could be some fun there.

I usually think of 3D gesture controlled interfaces in terms of 3D visuals, like holograms or augmented reality glasses. I haven’t thought as much about 2D interfaces controlled by these.  There are some gestures that could be used, but many of the useful ones can also be done on a magic trackpad. So far I’ve only seen a use for 3D gestures rotating a 3D model on screen.

What other good uses of Leap Motion are there for interacting with a 2D computer display that can’t be done just as easily with a track pad?

Remember that new technologies may have surprising reasons for success. Many thought the iPad would be just an overgrown iPod touch. The success of the iPad mini (and 7” tablets it followed) is largely the size and weight itself. So what will be compelling about something like Leap Motion?

The most boring and disappointing answer would be that it’s only useful for a niche market. Next most boring would be that we have to wait for more technology pieces to come together. But given that Kinect for Windows hasn’t changed everything, it’s possible that Leap Motion won’t either.

Larry Rice

This looks interesting.  It will be fun to compare this device to the Thalmic Labs Myo <www.thalmic.com>.  I can advantages to each approach.  This looks more precise, the Myo is much more mobile.

One problem devices like this (including desktop touch screens) have to contend with the the inevitable fatigue that comes from holding your hands in the air for long periods of time.

I could see Leap Motion Control built into laptops.  That would be cool.

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