Learn By Video: Markdown with Brett Terpstra

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You may have heard a lot about Markdown, it’s a syntax for formatting documents in an easy-to-read way. One of the Masters Of Markdown is my friend Brett Terpstra, who builds tools like Marked and nvALT that help take advantage of Markdown and all it has to offer. Brett is what I like to call a SuperMegaSmartyPants, and now he’s offering to share those pants with you. OK, that came out wrong. Brett has teamed up with Peachpit Press for a Markdown chapter of the Learn By Video series. If you go to Brett’s site you can get a coupon for the video, and I highly recommend doing so if you are tired of trying to read raw HTML documents or you’re familiar with Markdown and just want to level up. Here's a screenshot from the video. It has a kitten in it to show you how cute it is!


Check It Out: Learn By Video: Markdown with Brett Terpstra

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