LED Portable Charger Doubles as a Lamp

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The L.E.D. Portable Charger is a Kickstarter project, a high-capacity, Lithium-ion 5200 mAh charger for all your smartphones and tablets. It weighs just 154 grams. As a battery charger, it can charge your iPhone several times over with its 5V, 2A output. It also has three levels of low-heat LED illumination. Used that way, is has a 100 hour battery life. Included are two USB charging stations so you can have, say, one at home and one at work. Two microUSB cables are included. Besides having a good battery capacity, the three LED lights could also be used as a signal lantern or close quarters lighting.   The Kickstarter project has eight days to go and needs just a few more backers to reach its goal.


Check It Out: LED Portable Charger Doubles as a Lamp

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John Martellaro

The developer didn’t mention it, but it seems to me that it could double as a self-defense baton.

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