LEGO Female Scientists CUUSOO Kit: Make it Happen

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LEGO CUUSOO is great because it gives us cool kits like the Delorean time machine from Back to the Future, the Mars Curiosity Rover, and a Ghostbusters anniversary kit. What's also cool is the potential for future kits based on our votes -- like the Female Minifigure Set. The proposed kit includes minifigs showing professional women doing the things they do every day, like research into astronomy, chemistry and paleontology. It's a great role model kit because it doesn't perpetuate the Barbie-style stereotype and it reminds everyone -- not just girls -- that anyone can have cool careers. The good news: This CUUSOO proposal has enough votes to move forward as a candidate kit. It hasn't, however, been given the green light to move forward. More good news: You can let LEGO know if you'd like to see this kit on store shelves. Just have your say in the CUUSOO project comments.


Check It Out: LEGO Female Scientists CUUSOO Kit: Make it Happen

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How about a Marie Curie figurine that glows in the dark ?

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