Lexus Hoverboard in Action (Video)

Remember that Lexus hoverboard the company teased back in June? Though many (of you) scoffed and called that video a bit of CGI, it turns out to be real! Lexus released a new video (below) showing the device/gadget/wonder being ridden at the specially constructed skateboard part created just for this. As we suspected back in June, the device is a super-cooled superconductor floating on a magnetic field. The skateboard park was constructed with a layer of metal underneath it to create that field. The video is killer, and Lexus gets heaps of kudos for developing this project. Highlights include a pool of very shallow water and some rides up and across a wall.

But wait, there's more! Lexus also released a behind-the-scenes video showing the development process of this project. It took more than a year, and it's just as cool to watch as the video above.

Check It Out: Lexus Hoverboard in Action (Video)