littleBits, They're Like LEGO for Electronics

Check out littleBits, something so insanely cool that I don't know where to begin. Wait, yes I do: they aren't all that new. The video below is from 2012, but I just discovered them from a promo video for a new Synth Kit. But now I'm getting ahead of myself: littleBits is a system of individual circuits and switches and lights and motors and stuff that snap together magnetically. It uses an open source library, and each individual "bit" has a specific function. Put them together in whatever order you want and make whatever you want! Come on, that's cool. That's way cool! There are several videos on the site that offer a great idea of all the cool things you can do. There are also lots of project ideas all laid out nice and easy! Check them out. BTW, that Synth Kit is is $159 for preorder, and yes, I would love one or two of them for Christmas. Thank you so much for asking!

Check It Out: littleBits, They're Like LEGO for Electronics