Live GIF App Frees Live Photos From iMessage

As soon as I got my iPhone 6s, I started taking Live Photos. Once I had a few I started looking for ways to show them to other people. I quickly found that unless I was sending them over iMessage to other iOS 9 users, there was no way to share them. My first thought on the subject was that whoever first creates the app that lets me convert these in my iPhone instead of having to export them first is going to make all the money. I think I even said they should sell it for two dollars. Well someone listened, and now all you 6s users can share as an animated GIF or movie of your Live Photo. Using Live GIF you can convert to a far more shareable format, and even choose GIF or movie. You can save either one to your camera roll and share at will. As an added bonus, you can use Force Touch to get a menu for "Open Latest" which will automatically open your most recent Live Photo. From there you just pick if you want a GIF or a video and you're ready to go. So far it hasn't had any problems with any of my Live Photos and the movies and GIFs work fine in texts and Instagram. At last the tragedy of Live Photos being trapped in iMessage is finally at an end.

Check It Out: Live GIF App Frees Live Photos From iMessage