Lunecase Lights Up Your iPhone’s Back

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Audio notifications from your iPhone are handy, but not always appropriate for the situation you’re in. And visual notification is limited to lighting up the flash, which is obnoxious at best. Now there’s a third option: Lunecase. This is a Kickstarter project from Concepter, a Ukranian company, for a really thin shell-style case with two light-up icons on the back: one for a phone call, and one for a text message. Here’s the catch: It’s using existing energy from your iPhone, so it isn’t going to drain your battery or go dead itself. It’s officially funded, but there’s still time to get in at the US $39 level, a discount from the expected retail price of $50. Click through to the Kickstarter project to see it in action.


Check It Out: Lunecase Lights Up Your iPhone’s Back

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The product is totally awesome, but it may suffer from a timing issue. According to the website, it’s scheduled to ship in August, meaning it will arrive at my door just a couple of months before my iPhone 6, which is NOT likely to fit in the case!

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