MacProVideo Audio Units Plugin Shows Tutorials Within Logic Pro X

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I've been a fan of macProVideo for a while now. Their video tutorials are excellent, and I've personally benefitted from their Logic and Reason tutorials. This week MPV launched an Audio Units plugin (AU) that allows you to access and play those tutorials from within Logic Pro X itself (or other 64-bit DAWs that support AU). That seems a rather clever idea to me. You can watch all the company's tutorials with the plugin, but it's real benefit is learning from a Logic Pro X tutorial without switching apps or referencing one while you're in the middle of recording or mixing a song. The video below does a good job of showing you how it works. The DAW Plugin is a free download, but MacProVideo is a subscription service (with a free trial to start).


Check It Out: MacProVideo Audio Units Plugin Shows Tutorials Within Logic Pro X

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Jim Gramze

There is an essential reason for having this plugin. The tutorials when viewed in a conventional browser make things difficult because the focus of the computer is switched to the browser while controlling the tutorial and every time you wish to try what you are being shown you must first click on a logic window to change focus and then have access to logic’s menus and controls. Having the tutorials inside Logic keeps the computer’s focus on Logic and saves this constant switching; otherwise if you pause the video in your browser and go directly to the File menu it is the browser’s file menu and not Logic’s file menu which is maddening.

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