Make Your Own iPhone Parallax Wallpapers with Wallgram

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The Parallax feature for wallpapers in iOS 7 adds a sense of depth to your iPhone screen, but not everyone is comfortable making their own graphics to add that personal feel to their mobile tech world. Enter Wallgram from Capable Bits. This iPhone app lets you search through your Instagram feed -- as well as any photo on Instagram -- for the perfect wallpaper photo, and then converts it into a parallax-ready image for you; no settings or edits to worry about. Your wallpapers get saved to your iPhone's camera roll, and the set your images as wallpaper for you. Wallgram is priced at US$1.99 and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.


Check It Out: Make Your Own iPhone Parallax Wallpapers with Wallgram

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I’m confused. The app maker wants $1 to let you search through instagram feeds for a picture you can download to your camera roll? Images already in your camera roll work with parallax. And as always, you can scale the image when setting up a wallpaper.

Is this a “dynamic” wallpaper maker and not just “still” wallpaper? If so, that would be sweet! I’ve been waiting for a “dynamic” wallpaper creator.

Eugeny Plokhoj

Only your images already in your camera roll. You can’t get pictures of other users (nation geographic for example) with amazing photos. But you can download photos from other instagramers on you computer (it’s harder that just choose “Save photo as..” feature), it’ll be in 640px X 640px, it’s not ready to use as parallax wallpaper.

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