McIntosh: Old School Music Player for Your iPhone

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It may not make the music on your iPhone sound any better, but the McIntosh AP1 Audio Player app for iOS at least has a look long-time audiophiles will enjoy. The app sports the familiar McIntosh blue dB meter along with iTunes library playback controls, and looks cool, too. It works on landscape and portrait mode, supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and it's free at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.


Check It Out: McIntosh: Old School Music Player for Your iPhone

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Paul Goodwin

It crashed during the warmup screen. Tried several times, no go. On an iPad 2 with the latest iOS looks very cool.

Alan Keith Carver

I LOVE THIS! I’ve already replaced Apple’s stock player with this one.


Just found out there’s no way to rate songs. Huge deficiency to me.

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