Misfit’s Shine: Wearable Fitness Tracking gets Classy

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Misfit has a different take on the wearable fitness tracking trend: Make the device look sleek and classy instead of like tech on your wrist. That's the Shine. The aluminum disk tracks your daily activity and sleep patters, much like other fitness trackers on the market, but with a very different look. Shine's body is all aluminum -- even the LED-lit face -- and fits into wristbands, necklaces, and pocket clips. It syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth, includes a replaceable battery that lasts for about four months, can be worn swimming, and will even survive runs through the wash. Shine is priced at US$99.95 and is available at the Misfit website and Apple retail stores. Misfit also has ties of sorts to Apple: The company name is a tribute to Steve Jobs, and one of the co-founders is former Apple CEO John Sculley.


Check It Out: Misfit’s Shine: Wearable Fitness Tracking gets Classy

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Received 2 versions of Shine today Aluminium classic and Black.
Will take Shine for a Swim next week to enjoy waterproofness !
Definitely the most elegant tracker available so far.

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