Modern Kids React, Try to Operate an Old Apple II

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There's a lot to be discovered by putting some current day 6 to 13 year olds in front of a functioning Apple II from the 1980s and watch them try to operate it. The things that we adults took for granted when using our own Apple IIs back in those days utterly mystify a modern kid who's never known anything but iPhones, iPads with multi-touch and Macs with mice. This is a stellar presentation, filled with both delicious technical amazement as well as charming reactions by some very smart kids. It is OMG sensational. If only Art Linkletter could have lived to see this.


Check It Out: Modern Kids React, Try to Operate an Old Apple II

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Gareth Harris

Now about some 029 keypunches?
Or better yet, a patchboard?

Next, how many MO readers could start and operate a Model T Ford?


How many modern kids are learning manual transmissions outside of performance driving? How many are learning computer circuit diagrams outside of overclocking experiments?

There are a lot of technologies that have moved past what we (old-timers) would consider to be basic. The enthusiast will learn these things, because it allows a person to interact with things on a more primitive level, often giving more direct and fundamental control. But the average person who just wants to get something done isn’t going to care so much, and likely won’t ever put the effort into understanding things on that level.

Lee Dronick

A few years ago I was in a thrift store and was messing with an Apple IIe that was booted up into AppleWorks. It took a few minutes to get my bearings.

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